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FALLER Natural stone, Stone paste, dark white, 100 g

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64,90 EUR per Kilo

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A water-soluble and weatherproof modelling paste after hardening. It sticks on almost any surface. Prerequisite: the surface must be dry and free from dust! At the same time, the paste also serves as glue and the colours can be mixed together.
This paste out of natural stone is well suited to create terrain transitions with a realistic look. Over and above that, the paste can also be used as a glue for various »FALLER natural stone« products. The paste is water-soluble and solvent-free.

Manufacturing instructions
Processing temperature +10°C to +35°C
Touch-dry after approx. 4 hours
Hardened after approx. 24 hours
max. layer thickness 6 mm

Can be kept for approx. 6 months after opening.